Labor and income of the population

Objective: qualitative preparation of managerial decisions on regulation of incomes and remuneration of labor, labor market, achieving of labor forces balance.

  • Development and accomplishment of measures on realization of the major aspects of the state policy in the field of regulation of life and population income, unemployment, labor market, labor force development, demographic modernization, issues on promotion of voluntary migration to the Russian Federation of Russian people who are living abroad, alternative civil service and bring into effect their normative legal regulation.
  • Development of normative legal acts aimed at improving of social partnership system in the Republic of Buryatia.
  • Organization and coordination of collective bargaining and settle of differences during the completion of regional, branch scheduled and territorial agreements.
  • Regulation of remuneration of labor of republican state institutions’ employees.
  • Monitoring of migration processes on the territory of the republic, demographic modernization of the Republic of Buryatia in comparison with Siberian Federal District and the Russian Federation.
  • Formulation of proposals on development of the workforce capacity.
Responsible for the aspect, contacts:

  • Division of labor market - 8(3012) 21-55-03, 21-24-40
  • Department of incomes - 8(3012) 21-28-65, 21-26-93


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